44 responses to “End of the Road…

  1. Dang what happened this time?

    Truly sucks to see you go. Thanks for all the years of posts. I hope whatever is going on, it all works out for you.

  2. At least send all of your media files to some reputable website or blog so someone else can carry the banner! You had great stuff!

  3. no
    i am begging you not to stop
    please continue your blog
    you have the best blog, and there is not a blog better than your’s so if you go it will be really bad

    please dont stop

  4. It can’t be a take down notice so it must be more unsubstantiated personal attacks by that so-called investigative reporter. I hate to see you go but I do wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to pursue. Thanks for all of the fun stuff!

  5. Sniff ! Tu vas nous manquer, Deep, mais la seule chose importante est que ça aille bine pour toi, j’espère que tu n’as pas subi de nouvelles avanies. Un énorme merci pour tout ce que tu nous a apporté ces dernières années et bon vent.

  6. DAS – you don’t own us anything of course, but it would be nice to know why you’ve decided to completely end it all despite making several updates yesterday on your blog, and keeping the idea open that things weren’t as bad as the hack of a journalist made it sound like.

  7. This doesn’t make any sense. Why should a French citizen be worried about some hack reporter? The FBI would only care about the hacking into US networks and they sure as hell wouldn’t come after a video and image blogger.

    There are hundreds of celebrity forums, bloggers, etc that post celebrity pictures. You’re not even a US citizen for crying out loud. If anything, closing up and hiding is making you look more guilty.

    The FBI, if they even care, would go after the source of the hacked celebrity pictures. You’re not the source I assume, you get those pictures from other places, and so on. Blah blah, don’t back down so easily. I mean come on.

    • the fbi cant do shit to him if hes in another country. its the cia that he would have to worry about….but the cia isnt involved.

  8. I’m your number one fan here in Brazil, I visit your blog everyday and love it how much pictures e videos had it. I hope one day the blog rebirth, the best blog of famous hotties ever!

    Thank you very much!!!!

  9. I doubt any FBI or CIA would go after a site that posts harmless images that have no threat to national security whatsoever. It might be because blogspot may have issued a warning of some sort for DaS to remove the images/videos due to some copyright claim from the studios/distributors who own the rights to those film clippings…

  10. Thanks for all the contributions you have made throughout all this time. It would seem you truly do treat it as hobby and passion as such if one does become too much sometimes good to let go of it. If you decide to come back later you’ll be welcome back warmly and if not I wish you the best in everything. The era of free quality content has been shrinking more and more. I doubt we’ll see as many contributor’s such as yourself again soon. Take care and have fun in whatever makes you happy.

  11. Well, you were one of my top 4 sites I frequently daily. Sad to see you go. I don’t see why you don’t just keep reposting the site. Or if really ambitious, just buy a cheap domain. The views would cover the costs. Always wondered about who you were though. Like a brief summary about you: Guy, girl, name, location, age. Anyway, let’s post sites to other celebrity blogs that are awesome so we have something to fall back on. Here’s my list:
    www(dot)johnnymoronic(dot)com/ (Weekly updates)
    upcomingnudescenes(dot)net/ (Almost daily updates)
    egotastic(dot)com/ [Pictures}
    www(dot)nudecelebforum.com/f20-celebrity-videos(dot)html (Huge Collection by Members)
    and of course…
    deepatseaparadise(dot)wordpress.com/ *tear*

  12. go out like TPB did. dump your wordpress backup files to a torrent and let the cyber winds blow the seed across the internet!

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  14. Add me to the chorus of bummed/hope you reconsider. You were/are truly appreciated DaS.
    drivetheory – What was TPB?

  15. you were the best, man. best wishes for your next adventure, i hope someone will carry on your good work somewhere…

  16. I completely forgot this site had gone, I cam here this morning to check if there had been an nudity in last nights Shameless and was gutted when I remembered 😦 Please come back!

  17. Say it aint so. Your blog was the absolute best source. All your vis were such fantastic quality and size, and you always seemed to get the best magazine scans.

    It would be an absolute travesty if you stopped.

  18. C’est pas possible! The Internet will be a duller place without you DaS.

    All good things, I guess. All the best man. Take it easy.

  19. C’était bien ce que tu faisais. Je suppose que tu n’as pas envie d’expliquer les raisons qui t’ont fait arrêter. Bonne chance pour la suite mais je t’encourage à changer d’avis !

  20. Sans doute le meilleur capseur qui abandonne, je te souhaite de revenir sur ta décision car tu faisais un travail vraiment exceptionnel. Bon courage pour la suite.

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